Track and manage all training costs, security issues, and compliance and adminstrative hasseles


Training Management Application

SSkillcord is a cloud-based training management system designed and operated by software solutions provider, Infomaxis Ltd. based in Cork, Ireland. Skillcord software and apps offer managed system security, privacy compliance, simple course administration, and free lifetime storage of trainee records.


Android, IOS
React Native
Node Js

Our Work

User Experience
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Application Development

The Need 

Employees. Organisations. Training Providers. They all wanted to come together to communicate, share updates and learn courses on Skillcord. With massive adoption, the startup needed fast, dependable app and web development. 

Simply they required an online tool to track and keep touch with their employees and customers. The application should be able to track employees and managers to see their progress and deficiencies. With Automatic reminders and deadlines ensure they are continuously learning, helping your company grow. 


SKILLCORD ensures your employee’s training records are saved and easily accessible if your business faces litigation. With apps at the core of that mission, the development of its iOS, Android and web applications was paramount to success. 

Track employees and managers to see their progress and deficiencies. Allowing your business to improve and develop them in specific areas that will help take your business to the next level. Automatic reminders and deadlines ensure they are continuously learning, helping your company grow.

Joining with the Skillcord, ux designers, our engineers, QA and product manager came in with a short deadline. The job was to work on delivering the first version of the web application for users and the organisation. An embedded application for analytics and stats on the users, course management and training materials.

To support client goals of going global, the application had to be intuitively designed to serve millions of customers across a myriad of businesses, while the server had to be robust enough to handle everything from small businesses to large enterprises.


After the quick and successful integration of one engineer into the Skillcord team, we ramped up our engagement to four dedicated web engineers with a single-minded objective: Help Skillcord team, build a web application for users and organisations.

Simultaneously our team started working on UI/UX for IOS and Android mobile application. Then IOS and Android engineers have completed front-end and back-end development on time. Still our team partnered with Infomaxis for developing and upgrading their application to bring more features to the application.

The app and its user experience, our team designed side-by-side with the Skillcord team formed a rock-solid foundation for the platform’s mobile experience.

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