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Skilcord's i360 application is a extended part of Skillcord where it helps the health workers to operate the medical devices safely. As we face a shortage of vital medical devices, the need to work with new medical devices in the critical care is the new norm.  


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The Need 

1 in 10 patients undergoing treatment in hospital undergoes medical device related errors. This was the motivating point for Skillcord team to build this application. As our team was long time partnering in the appilcation development, Skillcord team reached out to us. 


With previous experience in partner with Skillcord we have come with a solution to eradicate this problem. With using QR code one can upload the details and troubleshooting materials of the particular device. With help of Skillcord i360 application health workers can scan the code and get materials on troubleshooting of the device if needed.

This helps in cost and time for the health workers. This application currently used in 2 hospitals in Ireland. You can also check the video below for how it works and what are the benefits of this application.  

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